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New Year

Happy New Year!

Next year is gonna suck. I already hate it. It's gonna be just as bad if not worse than this year plus I'm gonna be really busy with school. I don't really want to go to school but I'm felling pressured from my family to do it. Everyone has been warning me about how hard it going to be. I'll be working full time while going to school at night. Also my mom is paying so I'm going to feel guilty the entry time.
I will not be surprised if I get another depression next year.

Earlier today I was actually thinking; "Maybe this won't be such a bad year" but I know better. Every time I get my hopes up I get torn down so why bother. 

So happy fucking New Year to me


 I have the next week off work and I'm housesitting for my parents while they are in California.

I'm gonna enjoy this as much as I can.
Just lay in the tub, DRIVE! somewhere to go shopping, go to IKEA and all that other stuff that you just never do.

I just have to take them to the airport tomorrow morning at 5. *yawn*

Did I mention a whole week off work? - It's gonna be sooooo good, and spring is coming with sun and a bit of warmth. 

F*ck you photobucket

 Yeah, you can't see some of my pictures anymore because Photobucket is a pain in the ass and have deleted my account including all my pictures.


I have a lot of rage for them right now.



 I really, really want one!!!!

What do you see?


Tell me the first word you see.
Me - I saw Passion - Lust - Crush


Some music

 This is some of my favorite music right now
MusicCollapse )

Music Playlist at MixPod.com



 So today I got dragged to a cake decorating class. I don't really like that sugar stuff they put on cakes, but it was really fun to try it out.

Here's how my cake turned out. Remember it was the first time I tried it. ;)


TwiFanFic in 150 words


AN: Please don't mind me. This is my first attempt at fanfiction (that's done and I'm ready to share). As you can tell it's crack. Let me know what you think.

Our successful/troubled lead character, named Edward, saw the love of his life and instantly fell head over heels/hates her.
"Hi, I'm Edward" She had real pretty hair, he thought.
*sigh and swoon*
"Hi, I'm Bella" –She said in a breathy voice. Bella thought he was the hottest guy in the whole wide world. He also looked to have a huge cock. He'd never fit.
There was lot of/no awkwardness and stolen glances. They finally realized how much they loved each other. After that, they never wanted to leave each other's side. Edward takes Bella's virginity and there's no pain and she comes 12 times.
James/Tanya/past troubles show up to mess with everyone's head and Jake wants Bella all to himself, but all turns out just peachy in the end.
Their friends were always very supportive.
Edward and Bella live happily ever after and have lots and lots of sex, everyday.

The end.